Reasons and penalties of DWLS | Ticket Lawyer Florida

Reasons and penalties of DWLS Driving while license suspended (DWLS) is among the most common charges and tickets being charged these days in Florida. In Florida, you could be driving on a suspended license and you could be even not knowing about it. There are a number of reasons to which your driving license can be suspended and you may not familiar with them. Generally, getting too many points in a year or failing to fight your last traffic ticket… Continue reading: Reasons and penalties of DWLS | Ticket Lawyer Florida

Driving in the Rain in Florida – Don’t Panic | Tickets & Accidents Abound

Rain is just a part of South Florida living. If it weren’t for the volume of the precipitation that we get, this area would not be as lush and beautiful as it is, and it wouldn’t draw the thousands of transplant residents and tourists that it does. Unfortunately, it seems to create panic in a lot of our drivers. We have all seen this happen. One minute traffic seems to be humming along just fine, then four fat raindrops fall… Continue reading: Driving in the Rain in Florida – Don’t Panic | Tickets & Accidents Abound

Fatigue Can Be Fatal | Traffic Tickets and Death

Stories about drunk driving and the tragedy that can result from it seem to be daily news. We see accounts of these incidents splashed across the front page of local newspapers or hear reports of them on the news during the dinner hour. There are several national, state, and local organizations that are set up specifically to try to prevent drunk driving accidents through raising awareness and getting politicians to enact legislation, and rightly so because the number of deaths… Continue reading: Fatigue Can Be Fatal | Traffic Tickets and Death

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

It happens to all of us at one time or another – the dreaded traffic ticket. One minute you could be making great time on your morning commute, and the next minute you see those flashing lights in your rear view mirror indicating the need to pull over. One momentary lapse in judgment shouldn’t mean that your driving record be tarnished for years to come; learning how to fight a traffic ticket can ensure that you don’t pay a big… Continue reading: How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

DMV System Crashes

Traffic Ticket Team Intermittent outages of the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles mainframe servers have led to system crashes at driver’s license offices across the state, making already long waits even longer for frustrated customers. “All I’m doing is sitting here waiting,” said Jeff Gilman, who arrived at the DMV office on Military Trail at about noon Friday and was still waiting to be served four hours later, along with about 60 other people.  The system has been unstable since… Continue reading: DMV System Crashes

Getting a License Just Got Harder

A visit to the driver’s license office has always been a little slice of hell.  Now it’s gotten even worse.  Florida’s strict new identity requirements for license renewal are steering drivers to new heights of confusion, costing them time from work, sending them on laborious paper chases and forcing return trips to the dreaded DMV. ”It’s very frustrating,” said Harmony Hoot, of Lake Worth who, along with her fiancé recently was on her third attempt in a day to renew… Continue reading: Getting a License Just Got Harder

Speeding Ticket Application for the I-Phone

A popular phone app could help you avoid a pricey speeding ticket. Sounds like the kind of program police wouldn’t embrace, but that’s not necessarily the case. When Art Acevedo took over as Austin police chief, one of his first orders of business was to eliminate the daily news releases about where APD was running radar. However, the Travis County Sheriff’s office is embracing new technology and the concept that the more information the public has, the safer the roads… Continue reading: Speeding Ticket Application for the I-Phone

Is It Time To Give Up Your License?

We all remember when we got our driver’s license. It’s one of life’s great moments, a giant step toward adulthood. Decades later comes a related rite of passage that generates considerably less enthusiasm: the day you stop driving. Most older drivers are aware when that time is approaching. They recognize their diminishing skills; maybe they have a close call or sometimes can’t find the way home. Most relinquish their keys or make concessions to age and adjust their driving patterns. … Continue reading: Is It Time To Give Up Your License?

Driver’s License Examiner Sent to Prison

Another driver’s license examiner has surrendered to begin serving a prison term in a conspiracy in which examiners took payoffs to obtain driver’s licenses for more than 1,500 illegal immigrants. Chenita Byrd-Mosley, 30, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit unlawful compensation or reward and conspiracy to commit official misconduct.  Byrd-Mosley will serve 18 months in prison, followed by three years probation. Each of the two charges was punishable by up to five years. Debbie Hunter-Collins, 43, of Delray Beach, pleaded… Continue reading: Driver’s License Examiner Sent to Prison