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Fight Your Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket (St. Lucie County)

Let’s say you received a traffic ticket while driving down Atlantic Ave or Okeechobee Rd in Fort Pierce, you should not pay it. Paying your traffic ticket can cost you much more than you think. Read below about your Traffic Ticket and see why.

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Fort Pierce Ticket Costs

A Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket in Fort Pierce, Florida is not a simple matter. Paying the Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket does not make it go away. The Florida DMV puts points on your license for most traffic infractions. Get more than two Fort Pierce Traffic Tickets, and you could lose your license. Did you know that just one traffic violation could cost you thousands of dollars in higher insurance premiums? Those insurance increases stay with you for more than three years after you pay that Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket. That’s why it’s vital that you defend yourself against a traffic summons, even if it is only your first violation.

Know Your Rights in Fort Pierce – St. Lucie County Florida

St. Lucie County’s point system for speed violations is tough. But simply because a Fort Pierce – St. Lucie County police officer says you’ve committed a violation doesn’t mean you’re automatically guilty. You have a right to plead your innocence and confront the evidence. Challenge your Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket in Every Case. The fact is, you should challenge any Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket you get. Sure, you ought to learn from your mistake, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore every avenue to avoid the nasty consequences of the situation. Whether you have a spotless driving record or one that’s already questionable, you need to keep those points off your Florida license.

Get Your Fine Reduced or Your Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket Dismissed

The bad news is you got a Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket. The good news is there are numerous procedures available to avoid a Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket conviction, even if you are truly guilty of the offense. The Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket Team may be able to help. We believe that almost any case can be won. We’ll probe the technicalities. We’ll look for every possible way to get your fine reduced and minimize the effect on your driving record. In some cases, we may be able to have the Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket completely dismissed. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Fort Pierce Traffic Law Team

When you’re fighting something as critical as a Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket, you want a lawyer who knows and understands all of the traffic laws. Law is unfamiliar territory to most people. Hire a knowledgeable Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket attorney / lawyer who can guide you through the system with ease. The lawyers of the Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket Team have presented ticket clinics before dozens of people explaining the ins and outs of Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket law. Traffic court is similar to other types of legal proceedings. It takes a professional to succeed. When you fight your Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket, you’re likely to go up against a County police officer that has experience in the courtroom. He’s probably been there hundreds of times and knows how to best present his case. It’s part of his job to make sure that every Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket he writes in his Fort Pierce territory sticks. The Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket Team may be your best shot at making sure it doesn’t.

Fighting a Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket

Whether your traffic ticket was an infraction, misdemeanor or felony and whether it’s your first ticket or your third, we can assist you in fighting the charge. Being represented by a skilled attorney is your best means to ensure a fair fight. We know the court rules and can present your case in a persuasive way, often without your presence in court so that you avoid missing a day of work. Other traffic ticket attorneys cover all aspects of the law. The Traffic Ticket Team concentrates on traffic offenses. Every day we go to bat for people like you who have received a Fort Pierce traffic ticket. Choose to work with an experienced attorney, someone who knows how to handle situations like yours.

Reasonable Fees

Hiring a lawyer does not have to be expensive. At the Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket Team, our fees are reasonable, especially when you compare them to the cost of the Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket and increased insurance rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience. You can mail in a check or pay cash at any Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket Team office.

FREE Consultation for your Fort Pierce Traffic Ticket

It costs you nothing to talk with us about your case. We offer FREE phone consultations for Fort Pierce Traffic Tickets – St. Lucie, Broward County, Dade County, Palm Beach County drivers. We’ll give you an immediate assessment of your situation. Protect one of your most valuable possessions, your driver’s license.

Traffic Ticket Team handles all traffic violations in Fort Pierce including:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Running a red light
  • Running a stop sign
  • Careless and reckless driving
  • Driving after consuming alcohol if the driver is under 21
  • Driving while license or registration has been suspended or revoked
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Driving while impaired (DWI)
  • Driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater
  • Driving with expired registration
  • Felony death by vehicle
  • Hit and run
  • Manslaughter or negligent homicide involving a motor vehicle
  • Racing
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
  • Failure to yield right-of-way
  • Failure to have liability insurance
  • Failure to stop for a siren
  • Passing a stopped school bus

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