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If you are arrested for driving under the influence, a defense attorney who can aggressively fight the charges you face is the most effective way of avoiding the harsh penalties that come with a DUI conviction.

DUI defense requires skill and persistence, as well as the ability to think outside the box and create unique solutions and plans of action that are the most likely to meet with success in negotiating with the prosecution or arguing your case in court. We are committed to providing our clients with that level of service and dedication that will help them avoid a conviction and the criminal penalties that come with it. A DUI defense attorney can offer many ways to fight your drunk driving charges such as: Scheduling your DMV hearing and representing you at the hearing to help you get your driver’s license back.

Contesting the validity of chemical tests used to determine your blood alcohol concentration. Proving that a blood or breath test was administered improperly. Proving that the officer did not have reasonable cause to pull you over in the first place. Showing evidence that your rights were violated at some point during the traffic stop or your arrest. Negotiating with the prosecution to help you receive lessened charges. In the case of a 2nd or subsequent DUI arrest, challenging the validity of prior DUI convictions. Conducting a thorough investigation of your unique case to create a tailor-made plan of action. Filing motions to suppress evidence.

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Entering a plea bargain (if this is the right option for your case) so you can receive lesser charges and avoid jail time. Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest and your charges, you will need a defense lawyer on your side who can help you fight your charges. Even if your case seems hopeless and there is physical evidence proving your intoxication, you never know just what loophole or strategy a skilled lawyer can find to offer you effective representation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are one of the many hundreds of people who are arrested for a Florida DUI while on vacation, there is no easy answer to your question. Florida is a member of the Interstate Motor Vehicle Driver’s License Compact, which means that they share information on drivers with most other states. If you receive a license suspension in Florida based on your FL DUI, there is a good chance that Florida’s DMV will report it to your home state. Assuming that this happens, the question then becomes what will your home state do with that information. The best advice is to have your Lawyer check with your state to make an educated guess as to what you will face.

In general, the following permissible use of a Florida DUI license suspension permit: – Driving between work and home; – Driving between school and home; – Driving to medical appointments; – Driving to appointments with your DUI lawyer; – Driving to religious services/ceremonies; – Driving to fulfill other family and personal needs. You should not assume that anything is included in your FL DUI driving permit. Instead, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of an experienced DUI Lawyer who will guide you through the process and make sure that you have all of the information necessary to succeed with your permit.

Let’s face it. DUI convictions are not good. Insurance companies don’t like to insure people with excessive speeding violations, let alone with drunk driving convictions. In Florida, the normal “laws of gravity” concerning insurance rates after a Florida DUI apply. As a general rule, you should expect to see increased insurance rates for three to five years following a conviction for a Florida DUI. How much is less clear. Since insurance rates are dictated for the most, there is no easy way to predict future insurance rates. The following are some factors that insurance companies take into account: Your sex; Your age; Your driving history; Your education; Your credit score. Other factors may include your history of business and/or claims with the company, including other business that the company may lose from you if they greatly increase your insurance rates after your Florida DUI.

The answer to whether you can drive immediately following an arrest for DUI in Florida is tricky. As a general rule, most people have 10 days from the date that their FL DUI citation is issued to drive. However, there are other factors that may negate this information. For example, was your license suspended for another reason? Has a Florida judge ordered you not to drive? We highly recommend that you immediately consult with a DUI Lawyer to get the correct answer as it applied to your individual case.

The short answer is that yes, cases are won all the time. Many cases are won in the pretrial investigation state before ever going before a jury. A good Florida DUI defense lawyer will investigate all of the facts of the case to determine where the weaknesses are, and then develop the case from those points. It is often a DUI defense lawyer’s discovery of issues in a Florida DUI case that brings the prosecutors to the plea bargaining table. If you haven’t already, consult with a lawyer to determine what defenses might be available in your case that could cause a favorable, non-DUI, plea bargain, or result in victory through litigation or trial.

First ask yourself this question: “Did I know how to dance before I practiced?” These exercises are not for everyone. But, if you are good at Olympic sports, snowboarding, surfing, blind dancing, and can find your way in the dark with your eyes closed, then try these exercises. Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect; but, when it comes to the DUI field sobriety tests, there really is no way to practice. Of course, its best not to drink and drive at all, but if you do find yourself getting arrested or a ticket for DUI, please call us for a free consultation.

That depends… by not taking the breath test your license to drive can be suspended for ONE year, but if you have a prior refusal, then your license can be suspended for ONE AND A HALF YEARS and this in and of itself is a crime (misdemeanor). However, even if your license is suspended, you may be able to get a business purposes license if you do not have any prior DUI convictions. A business purposes only license would entitle you to go everywhere but the beach and the bars. BUT, by taking the breath test and failing it, that is a .08% breath alcohol or greater, then your license is suspended anyway, PLUS the State now has really good evidence that they WILL use against you to prove that you were driving drunk driving. So, if you think that you might blow over the .08 percent of alcohol limit, and you have no prior DUI’s, perhaps it might be better not to take the breath test.

Never talk to the police without an attorney. You are guaranteed a Constitutional right to silence when asked questions by the police. USE THAT RIGHT! Asking for an attorney will force the police to stop any questioning, and even if they ask you something after you have asked for your attorney, that information will be suppressed and not available for the State to use against you at trial. This is especially important for DUI cases and Drug cases. Once you admit you had a few drinks, you can assume the police, and ultimately a jury, will hear this and assume a few means a lot. In many jurisdictions, everything you say is being recorded by the microphone on the police officers shirt and there is a camera on his dashboard videotaping you. Always assume you are on stage and act accordingly. Especially in drunk driving (DUI) cases.

Absolutely not! Never consent to a search of your vehicle when you get pulled over for a DUI (driving under the influence). If the police want to search your car, they can do so with the aid of a trained dog which can search for drugs. The search of your vehicle is only valid IF they can get the dog to the scene within the same time period as it would take for the police to write a traffic ticket. This time has been determined by case law to be about 20 – 30 minutes. If it takes longer, which it usually does, then anything found as a result of the search will be suppressed and unavailable for the State to be used against you at your trial. If you are arrested for DUI, they will probably search your car after it’s towed for “inventory” purposes and any contraband they find will be used against you, but never consent or it will be very difficult to suppress anything they find in a DUI or drug arrest.