Okay, buckle up Broward County driver, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the not-so-scenic route of a D6 license suspension. Let’s face it, speeding tickets happen. Life gets busy, the ticket gets shoved in a drawer, and suddenly, you’re staring at a letter threatening to take away your driving privileges. But fear not, fellow forgetful Floridian, there’s a path back to the open road. This blog will be your guide, navigating you through the process of resolving a D6 suspension in Broward County.

The D6 Downer: Understanding the Suspension

First things first, let’s unpack that D6 letter. In Florida, a D6 code signifies a driver’s license suspension due to unresolved traffic citations. This typically happens when you:

  • Forgot and Neglected:Life gets messy, and that speeding ticket you tucked away quietly morphed into a neglected friend. Failing to pay the fine within the designated timeframe triggers this domino effect.
  • Missed the Court Date:Maybe you received a court summons to address the ticket, but it slipped your mind. Skipping that court appearance leads to the same unfortunate consequence – a suspended license.

In both scenarios, the clerk of the court notifies the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), and bam – your license goes into a state of suspension until the issue is resolved.

Taking Charge: Steps to Reinstatement

Now that you understand the situation, let’s get your driving life back on track. Here’s a detailed roadmap to navigate the reinstatement process:

  1. Identify the Source: The D6 letter should act as your first clue. Look for details like the issuing court and the Broward County address. Note this information down for future reference.
  2. Contact the Broward Clerk of Courts: This is your first point of contact. Their phone number and website address should be included on the letter. Call them and explain your situation – you received a D6 letter and need to address outstanding traffic citations related to a speeding ticket.
  3. Gather Information: During your conversation, be an active listener. Here’s what you need to know:
    • The Total Bill:This includes the original fine for speeding, any late fees that have accrued, and potential court costs.
    • Payment Options:Ask about payment methods – can you pay online, over the phone, or in person? Are there any available payment plans to ease the financial burden?
    • Court Requirements:In some cases, the court might require attending a hearing or completing a driving safety course. Make sure you understand all court-ordered steps to avoid further delays.
  4. Settle Your Debt: This is the heart of the matter. You can typically pay your fines:
    • Online:Check the Broward Clerk of Courts website for their online payment portal.
    • By Phone:Some courts offer phone payments for your convenience.
    • In Person:Head down to the Broward County Courthouse and settle the bill in person.

Important Note: Always obtain a receipt for your payment. This serves as your proof of completion and helps avoid any future confusion.

Obtaining the D6 Clearance Form: Your Ticket to Freedom

Once you’ve settled your outstanding traffic citations, you’ll need a D6 clearance form. This golden ticket verifies you’ve fulfilled all your court obligations and allows the DHSMV to reinstate your license.

Here’s how you might receive the form in Broward County:

  • Electronically Sent:The court might electronically transmit the D6 clearance form to the DHSMV upon receiving your payment. This is the most efficient method.
  • Paper Form Received at Court:If you receive a paper D6 form, you’ll need to submit it to the DHSMV in person or by mail (refer to the instructions on the form).

Pro Tip: Don’t be shy! Call the Broward Clerk of Courts office and inquire about the specific process for obtaining the D6 form. This clarifies how you’ll receive the document and ensures a smooth transition.

Reinstatement – Reclaiming the Road

With the D6 clearance form in hand, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and head towards driver’s license reinstatement. Here are your options:

  1. In-Person Visit to the DHSMV: Locate your nearest DHSMV office in Broward County. Pack your D6 clearance form, a valid ID (driver’s license or passport will do), and the reinstatement fee (the fee varies by county, so check with the DHSMV beforehand).
  2. Online Reinstatement (if available): Florida allows online driver’s license reinstatement in some counties.