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Fight that Glades County Citation!

Let’s say you received a Traffic Ticket while driving through Moore Haven you should not pay it. Paying your traffic ticket can cost you much more than you think. Read below about your Traffic Ticket and see why.

Get Your Fine Reduced or Your Glades County Traffic Ticket Dismissed

The bad news is you got a Glades County Traffic Ticket. The good news is there are numerous procedures available to avoid a Glades County Traffic Ticket conviction, even if you are truly guilty of the offense. The Glades County Traffic Ticket Team may be able to help. We believe that almost any case can be won. We’ll probe the technicalities. We’ll look for every possible way to get your fine reduced and minimize the effect on your driving record. In some cases, we may be able to have the Glades County Traffic Ticket completely dismissed. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
13:15 16 Sep 19
Easy to work with..thorough...they got the job points..just pay court fee and there fee and all good to go!!!
Oscar E Rincon
Oscar E Rincon
00:22 20 Aug 19
My spouse received a speed ticket for $256. After we hired Traffic Ticket Team we had to pay $281 for court costs, 4-hour school ($31) on line plus $89 law fees. Conclusion? We lost more than $100 for going with this company. First and last time we hire this company. more
Daniel Beyzer
Daniel Beyzer
17:33 03 May 19
Be aware of this law office it’s a complete fraud I hired them for a citation that I had they literally did nothing they even played guilty on my behalf the citation was a speeding ticket when I called them they said don’t worry about it we will take care of you The citation was for going 80 on a 30 yes there is no excuse for that but when I received their letter they literally did nothing they left me with all the points on my license and a $600 fine I could’ve done a better job by going to court myself do yourself a favor don’t waste your money with these people go to court yourself you have a better chance than hiring these lawyers these lawyers don’t fight for you I come to find out did they just have an agreement with the judge and that’s itread more
Jaden Johnson
Jaden Johnson
01:14 30 Mar 19
Quick phone call and fast processing. Before I knew it, they had my case dismissed! Will be using these guys again if needed!read more
Alexander Chaos
Alexander Chaos
18:45 25 Mar 19
They did exactly as promised and fought for me as hard as the Constitution would allow. Case withheld. $165 in court fees and I am now a free man. Not that I wasn't free before, mind you, but I definitely feel free-er. Like someone injected me with 20% extra freedom. I highly recommend them to any freedom more
Timothy Fanning
Timothy Fanning
15:37 20 Mar 19
Great experience overall. The team was very successful in assisting me with a traffic ticket. I was very happy with the outcome and found that they deliver on all expectationsread more
Debra Hurd
Debra Hurd
17:30 04 Mar 19
Excellent Law Firm, got my ticket points, no court fees, no driving school! NO PROBLEMS.
Dror Max
Dror Max
14:09 13 Feb 19
Absolutely amazing, true professionals, super nice and courteous, and did exactly what they said they would. In today's world that's not an easy thing to come by. Thank you guys very much truly appreciatedread more
21:43 30 Jan 19
Awesome. I have been using them for years and they came through again. Ticket dismissed no court cost! Update: Got another ticket 4 years later haha over 100mph not a good one but they came through again.. Dismissed!! These guys are the best!!read more
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Serving Glades, Okeechobee County, and South Florida.

Traffic Ticket Cases from $29

Hiring a Florida ticket lawyer does not have to be expensive. At the Traffic Ticket Team, our fees are reasonable, especially when you compare them to the cost of the Traffic Ticket and increased insurance rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience. You can also mail in a check or pay cash.

Hire the Glades County Traffic Ticket Team

When you’re fighting something as critical as a Glades County Traffic Ticket, you want a lawyer who knows and understands all of the traffic laws. Law is unfamiliar territory to most people. Hire a knowledgeable Glades County Traffic Ticket attorney / lawyer who can guide you through the system with ease. The lawyers of the Glades County Traffic Ticket Team have presented ticket clinics before dozens of people explaining the ins and outs of Glades County Traffic Ticket law. Traffic court is similar to other types of legal proceedings. It takes a professional to succeed. When you fight your Glades County Traffic Ticket, you’re likely to go up against a County police officer that has experience in the courtroom. He’s probably been there hundreds of times and knows how to best present his case. It’s part of his job to make sure that every Glades County Traffic Ticket he writes in his Glades County territory sticks. The Glades County Traffic Ticket Team may be your best shot at making sure it doesn’t.

Reasonable Fees

Hiring a lawyer does not have to be expensive. At the Glades County Traffic Ticket Team, our fees are reasonable, especially when you compare them to the cost of the Glades County Traffic Ticket and increased insurance rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience. You can mail in a check or pay cash at any Glades County Traffic Ticket Team office.

FREE Consultation for your Glades County Traffic Ticket

It costs you nothing to talk with us about your case. We offer FREE phone consultations for Glades County Traffic Tickets. We’ll give you an immediate assessment of your situation. Protect one of your most valuable possessions, your driver’s license.

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