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Fight Your Florida Ticket for Running a Stop Sign

After running red lights, running stop signs cause the most deaths from traffic infractions. Tickets for running stop signs are also very common in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties and we handle tens of thousands of these types of tickets.

A lot of people tell me that they almost stopped, that they rolled through the stop sign at like one mile per hour. This is also called a California stop for some reason, but its all still a violation of the law.

Avoiding a stop sign ticket is easy, just make a full stop. In other words, your forward motion must stop at least for an instance. There is a myth that you must stop for a full three seconds at a stop sign before proceeding, and if you don’t stop for the complete three seconds, you are guilty of a crime and should be charged. This myth is simply NOT TRUE. Unfortunately many police officers do not have a great deal of traffic training and believe this myth to be true and will hand out Stop Sign tickets to people that have not stopped for a full three seconds!

So, if you get a ticket for running a stop sign, do not pay it. If you do, you will get three points on your license and your insurance will surely go up.

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