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Cost of a Seat Belt Violation in Florida

In May 2009 the Governor of Florida signed the state’s tougher seat belt law giving law enforcement permission to stop vehicles with unbelted front-seat passengers. Florida ranks 35th in the nation in seat-belt usage. Highway Safety experts estimate the law will prevent 1,733 serious injury and save 124 lives on Florida roads each year. The former seat belt law which passed in 1986, allows law enforcement to ticket unbelted front-seat adult occupants only after the vehicle was stopped for a moving violation.

Minors can be stopped and ticketed under both the new and the old law. The law allows for a $30 fine plus court and administrative costs. The new law takes effect June 30, 2009 and is named after Dori Slosberg, the 14-year-old daughter of a former Boca Raton state representative killed in a car crash in 1996, and Katie Marchetti, a 16-year-old Brandon resident killed in a 2006 car crash. NHTSA research shows 61 percent of the 1,201 people killed in automobile accidents in Florida in 2007 were not wearing seat belts.

Not wearing a seat belt is not a moving violation so you should just pay the ticket, but if you get any other moving violation ticket with it, please call us to fight both. Call us at (866) 433-3363 for your fast, free, and no obligation phone consultation. 

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