Reasons and penalties of DWLS

Driving while license suspended (DWLS) is among the most common charges and tickets being charged these days in Florida. In Florida, you could be driving on a suspended license and you could be even not knowing about it. There are a number of reasons to which your driving license can be suspended and you may not familiar with them. Generally, getting too many points in a year or failing to fight your last traffic ticket or driving under the influence of alcohol or drug results in suspension of driving license.

Some of the top reasons which results in driving license suspension include

  • Points suspension
  • Failure to pay tickets
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to pay a judgment
  • Conviction for drug
  • Conviction for certain prostitution offenses
  • DUI offenses
  • Habitual traffic offender
  • Failure to appear in court

Now the penalties of being convicted for driving on a suspended license are very severe and should be taken seriously. If you are convicted for the first time then the maximum fine is $500 and 60 days imprisonment. For the second time you drive with a suspended license, you face jail for a year. And the third offense can get you behind the bars for at least 5 years. Also, the Florida law of DWLS states that a driver who is convicted for three or more DWLS offense within 5 years of one another is labeled as a habitual traffic offender. This results in mandatory loss of 5 years of driver’s license privileges. Along with this, you could be charged with a third degree felony. This carries a maximum jail of 5 years or $5000 fine or 5 years probation.

Many people try to be nice and sober when they get pulled over by the cops and a number of them also admit that they knew they were driving on a suspended license. This is where many make the worst mistake. Driving on a suspended license with knowledge acts as a criminal misdemeanor. Driving without the knowledge of DWLS is only a fine, but driving with knowledge leads to a day jail. So never admit that you knew about your suspended license as it can worsen the situation and penalties. If the cop asks “did you know your license was suspended”, put on your best acting skills and say “OMG, NO! I had no idea”.

Along with these, people also make some other foolish mistakes like thinking they can outsmart the cops or intimidate them. They try to threaten the cops by mentioning a politician’s name or saying like they know the police chief, etc. Believe me, all of these excuses do nothing except make the cop angry and ensure you will get a ticket. To address the situation of DWLS, immediately call a traffic ticket attorney so that they can schedule a meeting to discuss and fight your rights. Traffic ticket lawyers can prevent you from becoming a habitual traffic offender and reducing your penalties and charges. Being assisted by a person who knows the laws and rules efficiently is much better at fighting your traffic ticket than you are.  Traffic ticket attorneys have several defense to your charges and can easily fight your traffic ticket in the court. The most common defense they use is to show a valid license to the court and demonstrate that you didn’t knew your license was suspended. So, first of all before driving, have a look whether your license is valid or suspended. You can check this quickly online by clicking HERE .  And in case if you are pulled over by the cops, contact a traffic ticket lawyer immediately. Law Offices of Jason A. Diamond P.A., Traffic Ticket Team 954-967-9888, Jason@TrafficTicketTeam.com

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