Car on roadI do not know if there has ever been a law in the state of Florida that is more unpopular than the red light camera law. The law just passed a couple of years ago. The only reason that the State of Florida took up the issue and passed a law was because they wanted their piece of the pie. Yet, we have seen attempt after attempt in the legislature to repeal it. I am in favor of repealing the law because it is not fair, but the attempts to repeal it, including the latest one from Senator Jeff Brandes, are doomed to fail. Let me explain why.

here are people who absolutely love red light camera tickets. These are the people who run the local governments in South Florida and throughout the state. Every time that a red light ticket is given out, it represents money for the local government. Money for the government without having to pay a police officer to enforce traffic laws. This allows the local governments to operate without having to ask for constant tax increases, which would be unpopular. Most state legislators start their political careers in local governments. They naturally sympathize with their former colleagues at the local level and have very little incentive to change the law in a way that might decrease their support amongst local political players. When you put everything together, you get a political system in Florida that has no incentive to repeal the red light camera law. That is why you will continue to get red light camera tickets.

What that means for you is that you need to be careful at red lights in South Florida because it is all about money. The law might state that you cannot get a ticket from a camera for turning right on a red light if you do so in a careful and prudent manner, but that is not how municipalities see it. Under the law, you do not need to come to a complete stop. However, local governments interpret “careful and prudent” as coming to a complete stop. You can be going one mile per hour and still get a ticket because it is all about the money. Rather than just working to try to repeal the law, I suggest also doing something else. I suggest fighting it. If everyone makes it so there is not as much money in the law for local governments, there will be less incentive for them to lobby their friends in the legislature. The best way to fight the law is to hire a Florida traffic ticket lawyer when you get a red light camera ticket. The lawyer can help you to minimize the money that you have to pay to get the ticket taken care of. The lawyer can make it so that it costs local governments about as much to operate the red light cameras as they earn from the cameras.

It really is that simple. Money drives everything in politics. Red light cameras are no different. I know that sounds cynical, but it is true. At the very least a Florida traffic ticket lawyer can help you make sure that you are not the one to pay for your local government’s cash grab. We offer free consultations at our firm. If you get a red light camera ticket, why not give us a call and let us tell you what we can do for you? That would be better than just paying the ticket and giving your city even more incentive to continue using the camera. You have 60 days to pay the ticket or appeal it to the city. We suggest you wait the 60 days and let it lapse and we can then fight it in real court. If you are unsure what to do, give us a call, its free to talk to me, Jason Diamond.

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