In July 2007, failure to pay a required toll became a moving violation with serious consequences. our attorneys can help you fight your toll tickets. Our Lawyers know that people throughout Florida are being held accountable for Sunpass violations they didn’t commit or knew nothing about. In some cases, the SunPass transponder malfunctioned. In others cases the unpaid toll notice, violation warning letter and uniform traffic citations were sent to an old address – even though the account owner had sent SunPass an update. SunPass employees have even misread license plate numbers, sending violation notices to innocent people. Each SunPass violation can result in $100 or more civil penalty, Three points assessed against your driver’s license, Assessment of court costs, Vehicle registration suspension, and Driver’s license suspension. If you have been cited for multiple violations, you can end up being branded a habitual offender. Your license may be suspended for up to five years. Contact us now. We are Serving Clients Statewide. Don’t let bureaucratic bungling or an innocent mistake ruin your life. Contact us for effective legal representation in toll violation cases. We are dedicated to helping you minimize the negative consequences of SunPass violations. We work to get the violation dismissed or the penalties reduced. You can rely on us to help you achieve the best possible outcome given the specifics of your case.

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