By clicking ‘submit”, the Client, retains and employs The Law Offices of Jason A. Diamond, P.A  d/b/a the Traffic Ticket Team (hereinafter referred to as “THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM”) to represent him/her in his/her case referenced in the ‘hire us now” form. The fee paid is non-refundable, and excludes fines and court costs, if any, which can exceed the price of the ticket, for which the client shall remain solely liable. Client understands that this fee is earned immediately, is non-refundable and is not based on an hourly fee. This fee is exclusive of any appeals. There will be no refunds so please be certain that you wish to hire us. No representation has been made to the client concerning the probability of success as to their case. The client also acknowledges and understands that he/she retained THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM and no representations have been made regarding which attorney at the firm shall represent him/her. THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM may substitute another attorney not associated with the firm to represent the client. By clicking “Submit” or “hire us now”, after entering their credit card information, the client agrees that they have not hired THE TRAFFIC TICKET and that their credit card has not been charged/processed. THE TRAFFIC TICKET shall review the information submitted by the client to ensure that it is accurate and that there is no other reason THE TRAFFIC TICKET, in its sole discretion, determines not to represent the client. If THE TRAFFIC TICKET determines it wants to represent the client, client shall be informed by THE TRAFFIC TICKET by the actually charging of the client’s credit card, and/or via email, US. THE TRAFFIC TICKET will not charge your credit card until it has decided if it will represent you/client.


  1. The client authorizes, THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM to represent him/her in this matter, and to either maintain a not guilty plea or enter a no contest plea on the client’s behalf at THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM’s discretion.
  2. In some counties, attorney appearances are permitted by mail or by phone. Client understands that if this situation arises, our attorney may choose to exercise that option.
  3. The client understands that should his/her attorney be in another courtroom at the time of their trial and the client chooses to be present, client is to wait for his/her attorney. If client decides to handle the case on their own, he/she will NOT receive a refund.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the client to keep THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM informed of any changes to their personal information, including, but not limited to, address, telephone number & email address. Any financial liabilities incurred due to the client failing to inform THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM of the aforementioned changes, shall be the sole responsibility of the client.
  5. In Franklin, St Johns, Clay, & Nassau Counties (Florida), the Court allows our firm to represent clients via written pleading. In those cases, the firm makes every attempt to obtain a favorable outcome for the client without a representative from the firm appearing in person.
  6. We will try to get your ticket dismissed. If we cannot, we will not be going to trial or presenting evidence. You have authorized us to negotiate a plea on your behalf and we will at the pre-trial conference or on the trial date. We will not be contacting you again until after the case is dismissed or plead at which time we will send you a letter via U.S. Mail with the results. You understand that if the case is not dismissed, there will be court costs which you will be responsible to pay. Court cost can be up to the cost of the actual ticket(s), in some cases they can be more than the cost of the actual ticket(s). The maximum fine for court cost is $500 and $1000 if you were in a construction zone, speeding 30mph over the limit or more than 90 mph.  Our representation of you will terminate upon either dismissal of your case or upon our acceptance of a negotiated plea.  For your non-criminal traffic ticket(s) we have made the following guarantee; if you have not had any tickets in the 2 years, we will return the attorney’s fee you paid us if you get points, but there is no guarantee for driving school. Other limitations to our money back guarantee: if you were going more than 30mph over the posted speed limit (15+ if Speeding in a School Zone), more than 90 mph over the limit, speeding in a construction zone, or had more than 2 tickets in the last 2 years, or were involved in an accident, we have NOT offered a money back guarantee regarding points or driving school. The client understands that the money back guarantee provided by THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM is only for Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach Counties.
  7. All money-back guarantees are based on actual speed, NOT necessarily the speed referenced on the citation. This may affect the amount ordered for the fine and/or court costs, as the fine/cost imposed may relate to the actual speed. If your ticket is for 30 mph or more over the speed limit, or for passing a stopped school bus, Florida law does not allow for you to pay for your ticket or elect driving school. There is a mandatory court appearance required either by the client or an attorney (this is considered a “mandatory court case”). The client is aware that THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM offers no money-back guarantee for these types of cases and the driver’s license may be suspended by the Court. We do not handle tickets for Racing.
  8. For drivers licensed outside the State of Florida, while we do offer a money-back guarantee for many Florida citations (restrictions apply, call for details) we do not guarantee or promise how the outcome that we obtain for you in Florida will affect your home-state driving record. If this is of concern to you, you should contact your home-state DMV so that your questions may be answered by them.
  9. Fees are based on the representations of the Client in the ‘hire us now” form. Should the actual charges, dates, speeds of ticket, criminal instead of civil ticket, type of infraction, county of tickets, or other information differ from said representations, THE TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM may, at its option, withdraw from the case, charge an additional fee, or both. In either case, there will be no refund.
  10. Commercial License holders (CDL drivers) will not receive any type of money back guarantee. Florida Law requires a mandatory adjudication for any offense committed by a commercial license holder. Our Law Firm will attempt to either obtain a dismissal or get these offenses amended to a non-moving/no point violation; however, our firm offers no money back guarantee for these offenses.