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Understanding Cannabis Laws in Florida

There is a popular push by people in several states to make the use of marijuana legal as a treatment for certain chronic and/or terminal conditions. Not quite as popular, but still present, is a push to legalize it completely for over the counter sale. At present, a few states have passed laws allowing doctors to prescribe for specific conditions and its sale under tight controls. Florida is not on this list. Therefore, before entering the state with pot, one should know the cannabis laws in Florida.

Know the Pot Laws In Florida

Many states are seeing a growth in the number of citizens who would like to see cannabis (marijuana)made available as a prescription treatment for certain chronic conditions. These can include cancer, glaucoma, and certain types of chronic pain. Nationwide, there is a small percentage of people actively seeking legalization of this drug completely. While some states have begun to allow the use of medical marijuana under tightly controlled conditions, Florida is not one of them. Therefore, anyone considering taking this drug into or growing it in that state should know how cannabis laws in Florida are defined.

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