Cannabis – Still illegal in Florida

Along with several other offenses like driving under the influence, speeding tickets, suspended license, etc. a drug possession conviction too has serious impact, and is a great offense in the state of Florida. Florida marijuana possession laws are one of the toughest laws in the country and Florida courts can be very aggressive and straight in penalizing and forcing imprisonments. Any drug possession conviction can lead up to your driver license revocation for at least 2 years, and can even get you behind the bars with heavy penalty.

Cannabis is a term or subject which we come across on a daily basis. A number of researches show both the sides of cannabis and the other names of it that change frequently – marijuana, weed, pot, etc. Studies show cannabis can cause many disorders in body. It can affect brain functions, can impair memories and can also lead to many other severe and dangerous health disorders. However, there are also people who support the legalization of cannabis. There are a number of researches too that portray the harmlessness and benefits of cannabis. Supporters show their interest and want the legalization due to the fact that cannabis is a natural herb and requires little processing before usage. It also has medicinal usage. Following to this, many states have started making medical marijuana laws too and a nationwide trend to decriminalize possession of cannabis or marijuana.

In Florida, (with the exception of a few cites) whether you are caught up with small amount of plant, a joint, a blunt, or with a large amount, you will be arrested and possibly convicted with drug possession resulting in heavy fines or spending nights in jail or, both. The drug possession conviction has many other penalties too. The possession of marijuana is still illegal but Florida courts have established a defense in cases of medical marijuana. Without a legislative approval who so ever uses medicinal marijuana faces arrests and fine depending upon the quantity and has to defend their medicinal use in court. The penalties greatly depend on the amount or quantity of marijuana possession one has. A person having small amount possession faces lighter penalty than the one having larger amount of possession and intent to sell it. There is also a provision of juvenile facilities if a minor is convicted to drug possession. Florida also criminalizes marijuana trafficking, possession and sale of drug paraphernalia. Driving under the influence of marijuana is also a crime and your driver’s license can also be suspended due to drug possession conviction. Penalties vary accordingly to the specific crime and possession.

So, even a small amount of pot or a joint can lead you to conviction and let you face jail. It is in this scenario when you need a person that can set you free from all charges and penalties. This incorporates the need of a defense attorney who can handle your case efficiently and you can trust. There are a number of professionals who deal with these types of cases daily and you can contact them easily. These lawyers know how the court deals with the conviction and they can help you get the best possible result or outcome.

It is very important not to get accused of drug possession in Florida as these convictions can destroy your future opportunities and career options. A criminal record follows you the entire life and you can easily be known to anyone as these convictions are a part of public record. So, as the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, it’s worth to resist the use of cannabis or marijuana than being convicted with the drug possession.


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