Better call Jay!In 2011, there were roughly 1,000 traffic tickets a day issued in Palm Beach County alone. If you watch enough television commercials, it would seem there are an equal number of attorneys who are willing to represent you in fighting these traffic tickets. The problem is that attorneys, like doctors, have areas of specialty. You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for a chest cold, so why would you consider going to an attorney who practices a different type of law to handle your traffic ticket?

There are very few of us who have been driving for any length of time who has not gotten a traffic ticket. Often we feel powerless to do anything about it because it’s our word against the police officer’s. You may hear a lot that could lead you to believe that the risk of unsuccessfully fighting a traffic ticket makes it pointless to try. The fact of the matter is that you can fight a traffic ticket and probably should. When you consider contesting a traffic ticket, think about the ramifications of just paying the citation. There are many factors that you need to consider, such as if you pay your traffic ticket, it is an admission of guilt. The primary factor to consider is this: Are the time and money spent on a traffic ticket attorney less costly in the long run than the consequences of just paying the traffic ticket? Some of the consequences of being found guilty are very expensive such as increased fines, attending driving school, and points on your license which increases insurance rates.

Beyond the monetary expense, there is your time to consider. If your ticket is for speeding, you are going to be even later in getting to where you were going if you get pulled over. Getting a traffic citation is not a quick and easy process. First there is the standard question, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” As I have stated before, always answer no in a respectful manner to this question. Then the cop is going to ask for your license and registration, which he will then check for outstanding warrants, to verify that you are not driving a stolen vehicle, and to confirm you are not driving on a suspended license. By the time the cop hands you your ticket, you will be much later to wherever you were headed. Another issue where your time is concerned is if you have to go to driving school. Four hours of sitting in a classroom will often end up costing you an entire day. Of course, there is another day lost by spending a day in court. For anyone who works, this could become a major issue.

In 99% of our traffic ticket cases, our client does not have to appear in court. We appear on your behalf to present a case based upon evidence we have collected, and we can cross-examine the police officer who wrote your citation to look for inconsistencies in his testimony or process. Even if we can’t get the citation dismissed, we often reach a negotiated settlement which will meet your overall goals such as no points on your license or no driving school. This prevents taking a chance on losing at trial. Our skill at negotiations helps to protect your long-term interests while also minimizing the short-term consequences that occur due to the traffic ticket. In our handling of over one million traffic ticket cases, we have established relationships with people in the court system who can impact the outcome of your case.

Once a case has been resolved, the client can usually handle all the requirements agreed upon through the mail. This is one more way to save you time by not having to meet once again with an attorney. If the case is dismissed, there is nothing else to do. If there is a court cost, we tell you how to pay it. Most of our clients hire us on the phone and then email us if they have any questions. This is just one more way that we help save you time.
The potential benefits that you receive in hiring a Florida traffic ticket attorney usually far outweigh pleading guilty by paying the traffic ticket outright. Determining whether or not to dispute a traffic ticket can be challenging. The Traffic Ticket Team’s experience at getting these citations either dismissed or reduced makes the smaller investment in a traffic ticket attorney well worth it. Call us for your free consultation for your free consultation.

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