describe the imageIt is something out of a nightmare. You go on what you think will be a relaxing vacation on the beach. However, through some bizarre turn of events, you wind up being accused of breaking the law while you are on vacation. You might not even have known about the law. The local police do not care. The civil authorities do not care either. You are just accused of breaking the law and now you are being told that you have to face the consequences. It seems that dozens of movies have followed this plot line. It’s the classic American tourist ends up in third world prison plot. If you come to South Florida for a nice vacation on the beach, you are unlikely to end up breaking a criminal law that you did not know existed. You are unlikely to wind up in a third world prison. But, you are still likely to face a nightmare scenario. You are still likely to be accused of breaking the law, the traffic laws that is.

Tourists in South Florida are easy targets for the police who rely on traffic tickets to fill their coffers. Florida has all sorts of traffic laws that are guaranteed to be different than the traffic laws of your home state. I can say this with confidence because traffic laws are different everywhere. The police know this and they have grown to rely on tourists as a great source of money vis a vie traffic tickets. The police rightly believe that tourists have no intention of going back to Florida later to fight a traffic ticket in court. Tourists are known to just send in a check for the ticket. In fact 85% of tourists make this mistake. Then they get points on their home state drivers license. The police officer does not have to appear in court to defend the ticket. The local government gets its money. Everyone is happy. Well, not everyone. The tourist facing this nightmare scenario is anything but happy.

If you are a visitor to South Florida and you find yourself facing this nightmare, do not just go home with your Miami Dade traffic ticket. You do not have to put up with it. You do not have to be a victim of some traffic law that you did not know existed. You might have even done something that a local resident would be unlikely to get a ticket for. You are just being punished because the police think you are an easy target. The good news is that you can fight this unfair ticket without ever having to step foot in Florida again. You can call an attorney who is familiar with Miami Dade traffic tickets and let the attorney fight the ticket for you. In almost all cases, a traffic ticket can be fought over the phone or by email. Your personal appearance is almost never required. Not only is fighting the ticket the right thing to do because the ticket is probably unfair, it is also in your best interests. What happens on vacation does not stay on vacation. Your auto insurance company will eventually discover that you got a traffic ticket in Florida. If you just pay that Miami Dade traffic ticket, then you are admitting guilt Your insurance rates will go up. That makes the whole thing even more of a nightmare.

Thus, if you get a Miami Dade traffic ticket while you are on vacation, give our firm a call. We will help you get out of this nightmare. Stay home and let us handle everything for you. If you have questions about how, call me, Jason Diamond, for a free consultation

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