Reckless Driving in Florida

Reckless Driving in Florida

If in fact you have been apprehended for Reckless Driving in Florida, its very important that you hire an experienced Reckless Driving criminal    defense lawyer to represent you. We will work relentlessly to mount a successful defense to the crimes with which you have been charged. We are a firm believer and advocate of our clients’ Constitutional rights and promise to employ our invaluable resources and experience in our power to protect and defend them. We are ethical, experienced and hard working Reckless Driving criminal defense attorney who will defend your case. Reckless driving, in the United States, is a severe problem and one of the most committed crimes. Reckless driving is described in aggressive driving” as, “the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner which endangers the life of individuals or property.” This behavior usually is based upon illegal and dangerous driving which is done with the intent to gain an advantage over the other drivers or due to some other psychic problem. Examples include: Over speeding, following an additional vehicle too closely, erratic lane changes, improper signaling, and failure to obey traffic signals. Running a red light is one of the most dangerous forms of aggressive driving. The majority states have passed legislation to create specific penalties for reckless driving offenses. These laws create specific penalties for driving that intentionally places the life of other individuals at jeopardy of harm or endangers the safety of others, is based upon dangerous conduct contributing to the likelihood of a collision and displays extreme impatience. Reckless driving has several known causes: The influence of alcohol whilst driving, the influence of drugs whilst driving, and Encouragement of the driver to behave in such a manner by other passenger in the car. Any person who drives any vehicle upon a highway by disregarding the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving. Persons arrested or convicted of the offense of reckless driving shall be punished by imprisonment in a county prison for not less than five days nor additional than 90 days or by a fine of not less than one hundred forty-five dollars which should be not additional than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, The license or permit to drive of person arrested or convicted of reckless driving shall be suspended by the department for not less than thirty days. If you have been charged with or given a traffic ticket for reckless driving, call us now.  (954) 967-9888

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  1. Scott Reedneek September 8, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Jason Diamond beat my traffic ticket and i owe him. I was looking at a suspended license and he got me off. The traffic ticket team is the best.
    Thanks a million for all your help.

  2. Janet September 10, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    I have no words to explain how amazing Jason Diamond and the Traffic Ticket Team are. I’ve been using their services for years now and I recomend them to all my friends and family! The Traffic Ticket Team is THE BEST!

  3. Leonard Thomas September 11, 2009 at 2:48 am

    YO JASON!!!

    I have been using you guys for YEARS!! You guys always hook me up with a discount, and I’ve never had a problem with my license. TIGHT WORK DIAMOND!!! I spread the word about traffic ticket team to my boys, and family. Thanks for looking out!!!

  4. Katrina Hauser September 11, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    A friend was referred to your service and was so pleased with the results. Her teenage daughter had just gotten her license and her first ticket within a week of each other. She was so concerned that points would raise her insurance. She hired the Traffic Ticket Team and was thrilled that she only had to pay a court cost. Thank you for relieving her of the stress of an increase in their monthly insurance cost due to points on her daughter’s license.

  5. Shannett Davis September 25, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Jason Diamond, I would like to thank you and The Traffic Ticket Team for all the great work you’ve done for me and my family, you saved me so much money and because you guys handled my Traffic Tickets I have yet to see my insurance go up. Thanks again for all the hard work you and thr Traffic Ticket Team put in.
    Always Shannett Davis

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