I Got a Speeding Ticket? How Long is a Traffic Ticket on My Record?

driving-record-trafficticketeamI remember in elementary school back in Oceanside, N.Y. when I would get in trouble. The teachers would always threaten me that the referral will always be on my “permanent record.” It struck fear in me and usually got me to straighten up. The dreaded permanent record fear stayed with me until college. It seemed to be this G-d like file that would follow me for the rest of my life. It was only in college that I realized, the only thing that mattered was my GPA and LSAT score. I now know that there was no permanent record. That was before the internet and cloud data storage. But there is, and has always been a G-d like file hovering over every driver. I call it YOUR PERMANENT DRIVING RECORD.


“I have not received a speeding ticket, or any ticket for that matter in over 20 years.” I hear that at least once a week. I think the client wants me to say “oh, then it must be a mistake and they will just throw that traffic ticket right in the garbage.” Having not received a traffic ticket in a long time is good. When I go to court, I will tell the Judge. However, it does not just get dismissed because you have a good record.

First, I have said it a million times, never just pay a traffic ticket. If I had a nickel for every client who came to me with a problem and said “Mr. Diamond, I only paid that one speeding ticket and now it’s messing up my record.” I wish I did not get this a lot, but it does happen. So tell your friends, family and anyone else you hear about who gets a speeding ticket, do not just pay the traffic ticket. Hire a lawyer. I suggest Jason Diamond, but anyone is better than just paying it. Okay, so if you just pay it, how long will it be on your record? Are you ready … wait for it…. wait for it….FOREVER!. OMG. Yes, forever. It really is your permanent record. I have seen tickets from 3,7,16 and 20 years ago appear on a driving record. Even if you go to driving school, it will still be on your record. The confusion lies in the point system. Most people think a speeding ticket only stays for three years. Not so. The points you get by just paying it lasts three years. The fact that you got a speeding ticket and just paid it will be there so long as you are alive. That SUCKS! I know. But there is something you can that will make the ticket either not appear on your record or not hurt you so much.


The DMV needs to keep track of how many times you elected driving school, that’s why they need to keep these records for so long. There is an alternative. If you hire a traffic ticket lawyer who fights traffic tickets for a living, you will probably be in a good position. What I mean is that if you hire a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket, he might have the ticket dismissed. That means that the traffic ticket will never appear on your record. The second best thing that can happen is if the lawyer can keep you from getting points. If he can, you will not be adjudicated. That means that your insurance probably won’t be effected. More good news. The better your record, (no points) the easier it is for us to fight your next speeding ticket. The judge usually works out cases in a favorable way when the client’s record is clean, id: no points.

So like I said, never just pay a traffic tickets. A speeding ticket that you just pay will stay on your record forever. A traffic ticket that we get dismissed will never appear on your record. With a 99% success rate in getting our clients no points and no school, we are pretty sure the best thing you can do is to call the Traffic Ticket Team.

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