trafficticketteam jasondiamond ticketlawyerPeople often ask how they can avoid getting traffic tickets in the first place. If you are really hot and you get a single cop (see pic) you might get lucky. For the rest of us, not so much. If you think about it for a moment, it might seem like a silly question. It does have an obvious answer. If you want to avoid ever getting a traffic ticket, then just obey every single traffic law at all times. Never drive over the speed limit. Never forget to use your turn signal. When the light turns yellow, stop so you don’t accidentally run through a red light. Make sure you make a full stop before you turn right on a red light. Never swerve over the yellow line in the road. Never sip any alcohol and drive. Don’t think about driving too slow or looking at your telephone either. And of course, check every light and tire on your car every time you drive to make sure they are in perfect working order.

It sounds so simple and obvious. You might even be nodding your head in agreement that if you always obey the Florida traffic laws, you will never get a ticket. However, do you know how many traffic laws there are in Florida? The laundry list of things that you are supposed to do and things that you are not supposed to do is never ending and ever changing. If you sat down and tried to write down all of the traffic laws in Broward County, you would get some of them wrong and forget about others. If you happen to be one of the many people who moved to the area from out of state as an adult, you have no chance to get them all right because traffic laws have subtle differences in different states.

That’s why asking how to never get a traffic ticket is not a silly question. If you do not know all of the laws, you cannot obey the law all of the time and never get a Broward speeding ticket. No, seriously, even something as small as a speeding ticket can trip you up. In places where a speed limit sign is not posted, there is actually a speed limit. There is a list of what the speed limit is on every different type of highway, for example. You are expected to know these limits, but very few people actually do. That’s why they post speed limit signs.The real answer to the question is that there is nothing you can do to avoid ever getting a traffic ticket except to get extremely lucky. Tickets happen even when you thought you were obeying the law and didn’t mean to do anything wrong. They are as unavoidable as death and taxes because traffic tickets are a form of taxation. You forgot to change the battery on your Sun Pass, oops … ticket.

You can only limit the number of tickets you get by trying to obey the law. It’s a good idea. However, when you do get the inevitable traffic ticket in Broward County or anywhere else in Florida, that does not have to be the end of the story. You do not just have to throw your hands up, think there is nothing that you can do, and pay the ticket. That is actually the last thing that you should do. Never, I mean never, pay a traffic ticket without first talking to a Florida traffic ticket lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you with the ticket. Many of them can be taken care of without you ever getting points against your license or going to driving school. Most importantly, letting a Florida traffic ticket lawyer take care of things, in most cases, will not result in increased auto insurance rates. If you don’t believe me, then I challenge you to call my office the next time you get a traffic ticket and let us tell you specifically what we can do for you. I can be so confident because we have a 99% success rate in getting no points and no driving school for our over 1,000,000 clients. Pretty good numbers. Think about this, what else in life, other than death and taxes, have a 99% success rate and a money back guarantee? Let me know when you find one.

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