traffic_ticket_florida_lawyer1Most of the time, people want other people to remember them. If you run into someone that you once met and he or she has no idea who you are, you probably get at least slightly offended. Human beings usually want to be remembered by other people they encounter. However, when it comes to getting stopped for a traffic ticket, you should strive to be as forgettable as possible. Read this article and remember it. The gist of it is you don’t want the cop to remember you in court. If you do anything that is memorable, he will remember in Court and that makes my job ten times harder.

Imagine getting pulled over for a Miami Dade traffic ticket. You might be the officer’s 10th stop of the day. If the officer writes you a ticket and you have to go to court to fight it, which would you rather have happen? The officer has to continuously check his notes to remember when you were stopped. He doesn’t really remember what kind of car you drive. The officers only recollection of the incident is what is written on the ticket itself. Or, would you rather have the officer say, “I remember this guy. He was something like my 10th ticket of the day, but oh do I ever remember what he did. Let me tell you all about it, your honor.”

In both scenarios, it is your word against the officers. In the first scenario, the officer cannot challenge anything you say because he does not remember the incident at all. Your word is much stronger than his. In the second scenario, the officer remembers everything and his word is stronger than yours. It should be obvious that the second scenario is much better if you hope to get out of a traffic ticket. So, how do you make yourself unmemorable to a traffic officer? Here are a few tips:

  • Be a routine stop. Don’t do anything to challenge or confront the officer. It does not matter how upset you are about being stopped for the ticket. Do not say anything to the officer about it. Just hand over your license and registration when asked.
  • Do not make excuses. Many people who are caught speeding will try to make up a reason that the officer should let them off the hook. However, if you say that you are rushing to the hospital, that will be something that the officer might remember. You can ask the cop for a break, but don’t beg. Once he says you were speeding, just say “is there any way you can give me a break?”
  • Do not be overly friendly. Some people go out of their way to make it seem like they want to be the officer’s friend. As the officer is not looking to make friends during traffic stops, being overly friendly will not help you get out of a ticket. It will also give the officer something else that he can remember you by.

The point of these tips is that you just want to act normal. Pretend the traffic stop is an ordinary business transaction at a retail store. You want to be the anonymous customer the clerk forgets about, not the customer who wanted a price check on every item and insisted that his change be counted twice. Whatever happens at the traffic stop, if you do get a Miami Dade traffic ticket, make sure that you call a traffic ticket lawyer in Miami to help you. Whether the officer remembers you or not, a lawyer can help you with the ticket and make sure that you are not unnecessarily punished for it.

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