speed trap signThere he is again – that same Broward County cop that you have seen time and again hiding behind a sign or some other obstruction doing his best to bust someone for speeding. It infuriates you, but of course, your eyes immediately drop to your speedometer to make sure he’s not going to come after you. “Really! Don’t they have any better way to spend our tax dollars than on speed traps?” Many people feel this is entrapment, but there is a big difference between a speed trap and entrapment. If you get a speeding ticket when passing one of these speed traps, you simply got caught. Entrapment, on the other hand, is when law enforcement creates a set of circumstances to get you to commit a crime you would otherwise not commit.

These speed traps are just one more way to generate revenue for whichever city or county the cop works for, but you can avoid them. Like birds returning to the same breeding ground year after year, Broward County cops usually set up these speed traps in the same place time after time. So pay attention, and you will notice that they are usually pretty easy to spot. The way they work is quite simple. Don’t wait for the cop who spots you to pull you over; he will call another Broward County officer who is waiting further down the road who will then pull you and write your speeding ticket. Keep in mind that there are other areas where you will never see the speed trap until it’s too late, and that is where a good traffic ticket attorney comes in.

The police officers pick a place in Broward County where they think they can’t be seen. Hiding in the trees of a median on a divided highway is usually a preferred spot. They often go back to the same places because these are areas that historically have a high volume of speeders. Drivers speed in these areas because they tend to be more open and don’t have a lot of impediments to slow drivers down. Instead of doing the wise thing of increasing speed limits to help ease the flow of traffic and reduce accidents, local governments use these areas to continue to increase their revenue. Why worry about safety of drivers when there is money to be made?

Since we all know that they target the same places to catch speeders, use this knowledge to your advantage. People tend to be creatures of habit and use the same routes routinely. Whether you are doing your grocery shopping or going to work, there are specific roads that you generally follow. When doing so, be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for where they are located along those streets so you can be prepared to monitor your speed when approaching those areas.

If you still receive a speeding ticket in Broward County, you can still use the routines of the police to as leverage by hiring a traffic ticket attorney. The attorneys here at the Traffic Ticket Team know where these speed traps are located because we seem them listed on ticket after ticket. This knowledge provides us with a defense in asking to have your ticket dismissed – does the location of the speed trap provide a clear path for the radar gun? On a busy road, how can the officer be certain that he has targeted the correct vehicle? There are many unique situations that one of our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can explore on your behalf to get your traffic ticket dismissed or reduced.


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