Has the Cost of a Traffic Ticket Gone Up, Or am I Crazy?

Adam F., Delray Beach, FL.

The cost of a Florida traffic ticket is higher than ever and that is becoming a problem for Floridians who cannot afford to pay their traffic ticket fines. With the economic troubles of the country striking Florida particularly hard. Court officials are receiving more requests to have traffic fines reduced or people are notifying them that they are financially unable to pay their traffic tickets. The problems begin in trying to determine who deserves a break on their fines and who doesn’t. The options for those who get their fines reduced is to substitute community service in exchange for less money out of pocket. In Palm Beach County the number of drivers contesting their traffic tickets has almost doubled from the averages in 2012 and 2013. The previous two years about 11% of drivers fought their traffic tickets. This year that number is now 20%. So if you get a ticket, DO NOT PAY IT. Have the Traffic Ticket Team fight it for you.

I Got a Ticket For Going 30 MPH Over The Limit. Is That a Big Deal?

Bobby F., Miami, FL.

While all reports indicate that there has been a statewide decrease in the number of traffic tickets being issued, the number of calls we have received on speeding tickets for 30 miles over the limit seem to be increasing every day. The basic details when it comes to a Florida traffic citation for speeding 30 miles over the posted speed limit are as follows:

  • This violation carries a larger fine than most other speeding tickets. Fines vary by county, but in the Orlando and South Florida area, those fines can exceed $400.
  • There is a very good possibility of getting 4 points on your license and your insurance rates increasing.
  • If you are caught driving 30 miles over the posted speed limit there is the possibility of a license suspension.
  • Lastly, this type of ticket requires a mandatory court date. However, you can have a lawyer go to Court for you.
  • So if you a ticket for going 30+ MPH over the limit, call the Traffic Ticket Team and we will go to Court so you may not have to.

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