Caught On Camera Has A New Meaning In Florida | Red Light Ticket Cameras is Florida

Caught On Camera Has A New Meaning In Florida | Red Light Ticket Cameras is Florida

Traffic Ticket Lawyer FloridaBefore I start this Blog, I need to remind my readers of something. If you see an accident or a cop giving ot a traffic ticket and it is nowhere near your lane or where you are driving, DO NOT SLOW DOWN. That’s right, just because a cop is in the area, you don’t have to slow down. For that matter, do not pull out of traffic if the accident or ticket cop is on the other side of the road. It makes no sense, but I see it every day. Please, for your safety and the rest of our sanity, just use common sense. Okay, here’s today’s Blog. Traffic Ticket Team Caught on camera now has a new meaning in Florida. Hundreds of red light cameras have been installed in several critical intersections throughout Florida in the last few years. Although this has resulted in catching thousands of red light violations daily, but it has also made people and car owners open their mailboxes for red light camera tickets of traffic violation which they might have committed or not. There is a steady increase in red light camera tickets being given out each day due to more and more violations of traffic rules and running of red lights. This has triggered an increase in the installations of red light cameras. The installation of the red light cameras was legalized in May 0f 2010 in Florida, signing a “red light camera” bill which was aimed to deter red light runners. They also make dangerous and critical intersections safe to use. Although the bill was passed especially for safety measures but the revenue or money generated from these tickets has become one of the biggest controversies. There is a tremendous increase in the revenue generated by these red light camera tickets in the recent past years.

Red light cameras in Florida are credited for reducing the number of accidents occurring from front to side and, also for reducing severe injuries occurring due to these types of accidents. They are installed at almost every dangerous intersection throughout Florida to continuously monitor the traffic. The intersections where they are installed are chosen on the basis of severe past accidents and injuries caused by red light and traffic violations. The installed cameras capture the vehicles license plate before it enters the intersection, and follows its progression throughout. The cameras click a series of photographs or film a video depending upon the system installed. These red light cameras are very efficient in recording the date, time of day, vehicle speed and license plate. Those clearly (and sometimes not so clearly) violating the traffic rules are issued the citations that are mailed to the vehicle owner’s address.

The best and easiest way to avoid traffic violations and citations are not to run a red light and break traffic rules. Make sure you come to a complete stop before traffic stop lines and follow each and every instruction. That means your wheels have to stop moving for at least a second. However, if you violate red light cameras in Florida, you have two choices when you receive a red light camera ticket in your mailbox. Either you pay it or fight the ticket in the court. The red light camera law of Florida allows violators to pay the fine and no notation to be made on driver’s license. The violators can also challenge and fight the ticket if they think it is unfair or wrongly mailed to them. However, it is a long process and takes a lot of time. The outcome generally depends on the judge’s attitude about the cameras and his understanding whether the law has been fairly administered or not. So, it’s better to avoid these red light camera tickets and challenging them in court.

It is always recommended to hire a professional and experienced lawyer to help you if you receive a red light camera ticket. Your lawyer will use legal procedures to attempt to get the ticket dismissed and will help you at every step. Lastly, try to be more careful and attentive while driving and avoid running red lights and violating traffic rules. Be more careful about your safety and save the useless extra penny spent on the red light camera tickets. As the saying goes, “would your rather be right or dead.” If we can help, please feel free to call me anytime for a free consultation at (954) 967-9888 or go to our website or email us at As a traffic ticket lawyer in Florida for over 20 years, the one free piece of advice I can give anyone who gets a traffic ticket, speeding ticket or red light ticket, do not pay it. Hire a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket. Even if it’s not the Traffic Ticket Team, hire a lawyer.

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