There are some laws that are broken so routinely it would make sense for governments to reconsider how they enforce the laws and whether the laws are even effective at all. If no one follows a law, why even have it? Should we make criminals out of people who just happened to be the ones who get caught doing what every one else does? Certainly, there are some laws that people respect and almost everyone follows. There are good reasons for those laws. However, what about a simple law for getting a driving while license suspended ticket? When was the last time you thought someone was a bad person because he or she drove while having a suspended license? Probably never. This is one of those laws that people obey for no other reason than it is a law. However, it is also one of those laws that is routinely violated.


The law is very simple and very clear. Having a driver’s license is considered a privilege. The government can suspend or revoke that privilege. When that happens the person who no longer has the privilege of having a driver’s license is not supposed to drive. It makes some sense if the person has done something truly wrong. However, what about the person who received a red light camera ticket that was mailed to the wrong address? That person would not know about the ticket and thus would not pay it. That person’s license would be automatically suspended. If that same person is later stopped by a police officer, the driver stands to get a driving while license suspended ticket. That hardly seems fair.

What about someone who has a minimum wage job and a family to support? If he or she gets a traffic ticket, they might not be able to afford to pay it. If the ticket is not paid on time, then the driver’s license will automatically be suspended. You might be tempted to say that’s just the way things work and the person should not drive until the ticket can be paid. However, what happens if this same person has no other way to get to work and hence needs to drive to support his or her family? Adding another ticket for driving while license suspended hardly seems like an ideal solution or a particularly fair one. Of course, it is unlikely that governments are going to rethink automatic tickets for driving on a suspended license. There are many good reasons they should, but others will bring up counter examples of extreme situations why the law is good. The reasonable solution would be for government to look at the ticket on a case by case basis. In the absence of that, you can get case by case treatment after the ticket is issued by hiring a Florida traffic ticket lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer to assist with a ticket, including a driving while license suspended ticket is usually cheaper than paying the ticket. It always is when you take into consideration the hidden costs of traffic tickets, especially the increased insurance rates that come with paying traffic tickets. The lawyer can help to make sure that the ticket gets taken care and does not result in points against your license or in another driver’s license suspension. Call our office for a free consultation if you would like more information about how a traffic ticket lawyer can help you with a driving while license suspended ticket.