cars on traficIn different areas of the country, the same simple traffic violation goes by different names. In some places, it is called a “California stop.” In rural areas, it is often referred to as “No cop, no stop.” If neither of those ring a bell for you, this probably will: Florida law enforcement officers refer to is as “failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or traffic light.” It is one of the most aggravating traffic tickets that you can get.

The law says that at a stop sign or red light, you must come to a complete stop. It does not mean an almost complete stop. If your wheels are moving just a tiny fraction of an inch, then you can get a ticket for not coming to a complete stop. It is an easy law to break, intentionally or even unintentionally. Because you are focused on whether or not is is safe to proceed on your way, you might not even notice that you did not come to a complete stop. However, the police officer hiding in the bushes is certain to notice. Yes, police officers sometimes hide in the bushes just to catch people who violate this law. It seems like this is popular with Palm Beach officers. The result for you is a Palm Beach traffic ticket for something that you really weren’t aware that you did and that is not harmful to anyone.

Many traffic tickets work the same way. You get a ticket for a mere technical violation of the law that does not harm anyone. You probably know why this happens. Police officers are told to write as many tickets as they can because of the income that it generates for local governments. That’s why police officers hide in the bushes to catch unsuspecting people who don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The officer is going to write the ticket even if there are no other cars around. The officers are well aware that if they stood out in the open, you would make every effort to come to a more than complete stop. They want you to violate the law, so they sneak around to catch you. That’s right. The officers want you to violate the law. They justify it by thinking that if you did it the one time, you must also be doing it all the time, even in areas of high traffic where it would be dangerous to turn right away. However, it’s really just about needing to write Palm Beach traffic tickets.

Like every other type of traffic ticket, there is no reason that you should just willingly pay a ticket for failing to come to a complete stop. It is completely unnecessary and as you are aware if you have ever paid any kind of traffic ticket, the true cost is much greater than what the ticket says it is. Your insurance rates can go up, you can get points against your license, and you might even have to go to driving school to avoid the harshest consequences. It is way too high of a price to pay for merely rolling through a stop sign at less than 2 miles per hour. Fortunately, you do not have to just pay the ticket. As with every other Palm Beach traffic ticket, an experienced Florida traffic ticket lawyer can help you. Let a lawyer intervene on your behalf to get things taken care of in a way that has the least harm to you. Remember, if you just pay a stop sign traffic ticket, you will get 3 points on your license. Your insurance will go up and you will be heading to the 12 point max that will suspend your drivers license.

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