For police officers, even the most mundane of duties carries the risk that it can escalate into violence. That is what happened to Florida Highway Patrol trooper John Paikai on Tuesday. Paikai attempted to execute a routine traffic stop after Robert Swank ran a red light in Avon Park. The officer was most likely just planning on writing a traffic ticket to the Florida driver but that’s when things took a deadly turn according to an AP press story last week. After Paikai pulled Swank over he exited his cruiser and began to approach Swank’s car. At that point the 37-year-old struck the officer with his car. In order to stop the assualt Paikai fired his weapon and shot and killed the car’s passenger, 33-year-old Amber Gregory. Paikai was taken to the hospital and an investigation is under way. If you have received a traffic ticket, make sure you don’t mouth off to the police and you should not do anything that will get you shot. Let the Traffic Ticket Team do the fighing for you. Our lawyers have handled over 1,000,000 traffic tickets and we have a 99% success rate in keeping points off our client’s records. Please call anytime at 1-866-433-3363 or go to our website or email me at

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