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Car on roadNobody hates red light cameras more than me. I can say that for two reasons. First, I have first hand experience of how they can affect you in the pocket and on your insurance. Moreover, I have countless clients who tell me their horror stories. 5-10-20 tickets for going through red lights. What’s worse, it is often their spouse or child who was driving the car. Since they first started appearing about 5 years ago, they have been popping up like weeds. As the economy shrunk, the red light cameras expanded. Why not, they are huge money makers for the city, state and for profit companies that peddle them to struggling cities like crack.


We, me and some other traffic ticket lawyers, have been fighting red light cameras since they first started mailing them to our clients. We have had some real success in getting the traffic tickets dismissed, but they give out new ones faster than we can get them tossed. Unfortunately, it seems that the cameras are here to stay at least for now. Not all of our elected officials support red light cameras. In fact, concerned citizens have inundated Legislators with complaints. One Florida Senator, Jeff Brandes, tried and failed to get a law passed banning red light cameras. He wanted to show that they did not in fact make drivers’ safer. He is however going up against a very strong lobby. Remember, the money goes to the cities (police departments) and State of Florida (general revenue) and the companies that make and service the cameras. This means that a lot of people are addicted to the money already and there is no organized group with the same power as this Lobby. Thus, there is no real independent study of red light cameras that will show the truth. The truth is that that they A. Cause more accidents than they prevent, B. make cops lives easier because they don’t have to give out as many tickets C. Make a lot of money for all those involved and D. lead to more accidents because of the incentive to shorten yellow lights. By shortening the yellow light by 1/2 second, you can generate twice as many traffic tickets.


As you can see from the Map below, the cameras are pretty much everywhere. There is however a website you can go to and type in your zip code to see a more detailed list of where most of the red light cameras are located.

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As with any traffic ticket you get, you should always call an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to fight your next traffic ticket. Don’t be fooled by law firms that really do real estate and wills but handle traffic tickets to pay their bills. These law firms will mess up your traffic ticket and can cost you thousands of dollars if they really mess up. Here’s the absolute best way to find out if the law firm you call is the right one. When they answer the phone, just say ‘hello, I need a Will done for my father, do you guys handle that?” If they say yes, hang up and call the Traffic Ticket Team. We only handle Florida traffic tickets. Call me, Jason Diamond, anytime for a free consultation.



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