Crack Down on Aggressive Driving in Florida

Crack Down on Aggressive Driving in Florida

Florida Leading The Way Among State That Are Cracking Down On Aggressive Driving Those of us who live in Florida are aware of all the new laws and regulations that are being instituted to crack down on aggressive drivers but apparently the whole country knows about it now thanks to a recent article in USA Today. The article talks about the new Florida traffic ticket law that will go into effect on January 1 that sends a driver found to be at fault in three traffic accidents in a three year period back to school for a strict driver education test that also requires a road test. That law is joined on the books by another that will go into effect in less than a month. That law makes traffic school mandatory for first-time offenders of certain moving violations traffic tickets. That used to be an option for drivers but not a requirement. The new laws are said to be aimed at people who are aggressive drivers, which in the state’s eyes are those who speed, tailgate, change lanes without indicating, weave in and out of traffic and ignore traffic signals. According to reports, this type of behavior on the road causes more fatalities than drunk driving. If you have received a traffic ticket anywhere in Florida please do not hesitate to contact Florida Traffic Ticket Team to discuss the matter 954-967-9888 or  Our lawyers have handled over 1,000,000 traffic tickets.

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    I was skeptical about having to use an attorney to fight my ticket seeing that I was so use to just doing them on my own. But between running around with my kids, running my business and life itself I was finding it hard to even find time to think about my ticket. Luckily I was introduced to your Traffic Ticket firm and Im glad I was! Not only was the woman I spoke to pleasant but I didnt have to waste time by coming in ( not that I wouldnt have loved to see you guys 🙂 )I just dont have time. When all was said and done the case was closed and I received no points and thank God no traffic school. Thank you for making my life a little easier. I will make sure that all other attorneys go out of business by how much I speak about you guys and all the people I will from now on refer :). Thanks so much. -Giada

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