Florida is undoubtedly one of the most preferred vacation spots in US. Florida experiences visitors from all across the world and almost every country. The beautiful white beaches and mesmerizing landscapes along with swaying palm trees adds beauty to this tourist place. Florida on the contrary also experiences heavy traffic that no one enjoys and desires to encounter. However, traffic is something which is inevitable at popular and tourist places. In addition to this, the increase in traffic increases the number of cops, laws, traffic rules and regulations, etc.

In Florida, speeding tickets is one of the most common traffic ticket given to the drivers. It’s one of the most common tickets issued on the highways of State of Florida. The speeding tickets in Florida are divided into 4 categories:

Speed of 15 MPH or less over speed limit: For speeding 15 MPH or less over the indicated limit carries a fine usually indicted on the back of the speeding ticket or in a separate hand out. Along with this, it adds 3 points to your driving record. On this speeding ticket, you have the options of paying the ticket and getting the points or if you are eligible you can go to traffic school or else you can hire an expert to fight against the ticket in the court.

Speed over 15 MPH and less than 30 MPH over speed limit: In this category, a higher fine is imposed along with 4 points on the driving record. The fine differs and depends upon the county in which you have violated the rules and the speeding ticket is imposed. You can deal with this traffic ticket in the similar way depending upon the choice and consequences.

Speed of 30 MPH or more over speed limit: This speeding ticket in Florida requires a mandatory appearance in court. If you are found to be guilty in this category, you will have to pay a much heavier fine with 4 points on your driving record and can even face suspension of your driving license.

Speed of 50 MPH or more over speed limit: This is the last and most serious category in which you pay a heavy fine along with the possibility of license suspension. For the second time, the fine is increased and the license is suspended for 1 year and for third offense you may be charged criminally and your license can be suspended up to 10 years.

Every year thousands of speeding tickets are given out to the drivers. But remember not to argue with the officers/cops and don’t be rude to him. Just be polite and ask for a warning along with saying sorry and let it go. The more you argue the harder it becomes to fight for speeding tickets. Simply contact a speeding ticket lawyer and you can easily handle the offense. It is very much important to have an experienced traffic lawyer defending you on all speeding tickets to reduce and eliminate all the points on your driving record. The accumulation of points and payment of substantial points too results in the suspension of driving license.

So, try not to go beyond the legal limits as speeding is among the most common causes of accidents and injuries. Drive carefully and avoid risking your life along with your fellow passengers and be safe.

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