TRAFFIC TICKET TEAM JASONDIAMOND TICKETLAWYER resized 600The path of least resistance can be attractive for many law-abiding citizens who have found themselves caught in a legal jam as a result of receiving a traffic ticket.  For many, they will look at the cost of the ticket, evaluate the time it may take to fight it and decide that their time is worth more then money they will expend if they simply cut a check and admit guilt.  As a result, many people will pay a cost far beyond the marked price on the ticket when in fact they may have a defense that could reduce or eliminate their civil penalties.

Never believe that it’s “just a ticket”.

The first common error made by those facing a traffic ticket is minimizing the perceived damage it will do.  Looking at the cost and exclaiming to yourself and others that the infraction is “just a ticket” can be a costly mistake. Many tickets carry more then just a fine.  The ticket may also carry unseen penalties that are not illustrated on the face of the ticket that can linger for a substantial period of time … LIKE FOREVER. Driving school requirements, increased insurance rates and damaging points on one’s license are but a few of the many penalties that can show their ugly face after the payment has been processed, which turns “just a ticket” into something far more burdensome.

You may not have all the answers.

Coming to the actualization that you do not have all the answers when it comes to traffic laws and procedures is a good first step in finding the help you need. Many times, after a person receives a ticket, they will be bombarded with unsolicited advice from people who think they know what is going on, either through their own personal experience or because of something they read or saw on TV.  This advice can be full of half-truths and fabrications, which can cause more harm then good. Having answers to difficult questions is key in ensuring that you are prepared for all potential outcomes of a traffic ticket and will ensure that each potential outcome is understood before committing to it.

The Courtroom is our place of business, not yours.

Most people who have little to no experience with the judicial system are terrified of the courtroom.  It can be crowded, confusing and downright hectic if you do not know who to talk to or if you have little idea of what you can and cannot do while arguing your case before a judge. Having an advocate who has walked the courtroom line numerous times can be an invaluable asset that will alleviate the stress and fear that flows through a traffic court with regularity. By coming to a traffic hearing with all potential angles prepared for, a person who faces a Florida traffic ticket can leave the proceeding with the relief of knowing that they were able to secure the best resolution possible. There is a wide range of ways to conclude a traffic ticket case that avoids the urge to just pay the ticket.  This effort, which will allow the individual to know exactly what they must do to conclude their brush with the law, will give them the confidence they need to move past the traffic ticket in a manner that will do the least harm possible while also limiting the time that must be expended in defending the ticket. Of course, we always suggest you hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to fight your ticket. Most of our clients never have to come to court and almost all get no points and no school. So give Jason Diamond a call for a free consultation anytime.


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