At one time or another, everyone speeds.  I don’t care who you are or what your driving habits may be; at some point in your driving career, you have exceeded a speed limit somewhere at some time.  Now, there are some who may not have been caught speeding in while, but I am sure you will soon.  When it does, as I always say, NEVER PAY YOUR SPEEDING TICKET or any other traffic citation you may get in Broward County.  In doing so, that admission of guilt pretty much slams the door on the defense that a good traffic ticket attorney could provide for you.

See, because that is what I do.  As a traffic ticket attorney, I will fight your speeding ticket.  This is one of the most common tickets that are given out here in Broward County.  That’s bad for the drivers who get caught, but it’s great for the Traffic Ticket Team.  The sheer volume of speeding tickets that are issued in this area has provided us with over 50 years of combined experience in finding the flaws in your speeding ticket.  Consequently, we are expert at getting your speeding ticket either dismissed entirely or reduced to the point that you will have no points on your license and you won’t have to go to driving school.

Beware of a traffic ticket attorney that recommends a “good” traffic school for you.  There are several traffic ticket attorneys here in Broward County who own their own traffic school, or one that is owned by a family member.  This conflict of interest may work for the traffic ticket attorney/driving school owner, but it doesn’t work in your best interest.  Can you really afford to spend all day or half a day sitting in a class to learn things that you already know?  Taking the class will also cost you more than just the amount of the speeding ticket because you will have to pay the fine, the court costs, and the cost of attending the class.  This ends up totaling hundreds of dollars, not to mention what you may have paid the traffic ticket attorney who sent you there in the first place.  Additionally, you can only take this class every three years and only so many times in a lifetime.  Driving school is just a bad idea unless you have absolutely no choice.

I don’t have the statistics to back this up, but it seems to me that many of my clients are driving alone in Broward County when they get stopped for speeding.  This makes it very convenient for the cop because he doesn’t have to consider another person in the car acting as your witness.  If you are alone when you are issued the speeding ticket, and you show up in court alone to fight your speeding ticket, it becomes a matter of your word against the cop’s.  Sure, you can always hope that the cop doesn’t show up and your ticket gets dismissed, but this is strictly at the discretion of the judge.  There is a much greater likelihood that this same judge is going to dismiss your case if you have a member of the Traffic Ticket Team there – someone who has gone through your file with a fine-toothed comb to find any inconsistencies the cop may have committed when writing your speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets tend to carry the largest fines of all traffic tickets, especially if it is not your first speeding ticket or your speed is great enough to warrant a reckless driving charge.  The ramifications of just paying these tickets are huge and will effect your life in negative ways for years to come.  Call the Traffic Ticket Team at 954-967-9888 for your free consultation and let us fight for you in court.



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