jason diamond speeding ticket floridaSome drivers do everything that they can to avoid getting traffic tickets. They always drive at or under the speed limit. They always come to a complete stop at a stop signs and red lights. They always use their turn signals. They do everything that they can to obey every traffic law. These are the same people who tell me “I have not had a ticket in 20 years.” When they say it I smile because I know it is the kiss of death. I also know that they are saying it with an air of superiority. Since I get about one ticket every year or so, I know better than anyone that you can get a traffic ticket anytime anywhere. As for the clean driving records of those over 50, I applaud you. However, at some point many of these overly-cautious drivers often find themselves getting traffic tickets. They end up getting stopped for some violation that they did not know about. Here are the most common reasons that they get traffic tickets and how to avoid them.

Broken Equipment. Many people get traffic tickets in Florida for minor problems with their vehicles. You can be pulled over for nothing more than a brake light or a turn signal that does not work. Often drivers do not know that something isn’t working properly on their car until they are pulled over. It is a good idea to regular check the lights on your car to make sure that they are working. If they are not, it’s usually easy to fix the problem and often requires nothing more than changing a light bulb.

Tinted Windows. Traffic tickets in Florida are routinely given out to drivers with improperly tinted windows. The law limits how dark a car’s windows can be tinted, but many drivers tint their windows beyond the legal limit because they think it looks cool, it blocks the sun, or they just don’t like people being able to see inside their vehicles. If you have tinted windows, make sure that you visit a certified auto shop to check that your windows are legal.

Cracked Windows. It is also against the law to drive with a cracked window. If a flying pebble strikes your windshield and causes even a minor crack, you need to get it fixed as soon as you can. Even a small crack is enough of a reason for an officer to pull you over and write you a ticket.

Expired Tags. It is incredibly easy to forget to renew your license tags every year. Law enforcement knows this and they look at vehicles to check the tags. Make sure that you know when your tags need to be renewed. Write the date down on your calendar and renew online ahead of time.

Suspended License. You might not know that your license can be suspended for little more than failing to register a new address when you move. If your Sun Pass doesn’t work and a ticket is sent to your old address, your license will be suspended for failure to pay. Make sure that updating your address is always on your to do list every time that you move.

Whatever you get a ticket for our office understands that you are trying to uphold the law and drive legally. We can help you with your traffic tickets in Florida and offer free consultations about how we can reduce your ticket or even make it go away completely.