Waldo Police Department: Florida speed trap town may lose its police force


Waldo PoliceAccording to the AP, a tiny north Florida town known as a speed trap may lose its police department. If you went to UF or FSU you probably got a ticket and can relate. I did. Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell tells The Gainesville Sun that her office will not extend a contract with the town of Waldo to provide a temporary police commander. Waldo is one of only two U.S. towns officially labeled “traffic traps” by AAA. Two Waldo police chiefs resigned after state investigations were launched into illegal activities including speeding ticket quotas. City officials have said Waldo has a speeding problem, and tickets helped pay for the city’s small police force. Waldo speed trap 5 members of the police department in Waldo are blowing the whistle on the town’s speed traps. With declining property tax income and ticket revenues, the city isn’t clear how it will pay for the force. The city council at its next meeting will decide whether to rely on sheriff’s patrols instead.

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