man deported airplaneCan I Get Deported Because of a Speeding Ticket? This is a question I get a lot. While the politicians play their games, real lives and real families live on the edge scared and sometimes in hiding. Here is some useful information on the subject.

Illegal immigration has been a topic in the media and on the political front with increasing frequency over the last several years. It is an issue that is both hotly opposed and vehemently supported. As a result, deportation of illegal immigrants decreased by 25% in 2013, as the Obama administration is said to have “refocused” its efforts. This focus makes the population of undocumented residents greater than ever. Regardless of your stance on immigration, there simply are no easy answers to this sensitive issue. Due to the complexity of matter, this Blog is not intended to provide legal advice regarding immigration, but it may offer insight that can be useful in allaying the fears of someone who incurs a Florida speeding ticket.

Those who live in this country illegally surely are concerned about why they may be deported. Although there are more than 50 reasons that for which the government can deport a person, a speeding ticket is not one of them. Here are a few of the most common reasons for deportation:


A felony conviction of any type can possibly result in deportation from the U.S. once you have served your sentence. This is the most common reason for deportation. Even after serving your sentence, without U.S. citizenship, it is possible that you will not be released until a determination is reached by an immigration court regarding your case.


Drug and/or alcohol offenses can be cited as reasons for deportation, as can other misdemeanors such as loitering. It is, however, difficult for ICE to prove such minor offenses. For this reason, if you are charged with one of these petty offenses, it is always wise to seek a “withhold of adjudication”. This will keep you from being convicted of the petty offense unless you commit another offense. These types of misdemeanors are considered bad behavior. If ICE can to prove you are a bad person because of poor lifestyle choices such as gang affiliation or disturbing the peace, you can be then be deported. Presenting witnesses who will testify as to your character can prevent such a conviction. When it comes to domestic violence, you may face deportation even for a misdemeanor conviction.


Illegal immigrants should be aware that not having the appropriate documentation can result in deportation. Common infractions are marriages of convenience, overstaying the time allowed on your Visa, or counterfeit/expired green cards. All of these infractions can get you deported.


If you are not here legally and get a minor traffic ticket in Florida, there’s good news. Florida speeding tickets and red light tickets are considered minor traffic violations and NOT considered an acceptable reason to deport illegal immigrants. Deportation laws are meant to apply to undocumented people who commit serious infractions of the law. Thus, millions of people no longer have to worry that they will be deported because of a traffic ticket. They don’t have to pay it and they don’t have to hide. As a traffic ticket attorney, I have helped thousands of undocumented clients fight their traffic tickets with the same dedication that I help documented citizens. I would like to assure you that the days of being afraid to seek out our services are over. The cops won’t be sitting in my office waiting for you. Although these laws can change frequently because it is such a politically charged issue, for now, if you are undocumented and get a traffic citation, call us. We can help you and you may not even have to appear in court. Undocumented persons are some of our most vulnerable citizens, and our traffic ticket attorneys want to help them without fear of reprisals.

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