tax or safety firstI have written frequently about red light traffic tickets and still the controversy continues. Like all traffic tickets in South Florida, this is just one more way to generate revenue for local governments, and it’s big business in Broward County. These “fat cat” traffic light cameras are installed and maintained by private companies who also profit from you getting a traffic light ticket. Most notably, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), a Tempe, AZ company, receives $171,000 a year of Broward County money that is generated by light traffic tickets. That is a lot of money to be paid out for just three cameras that they have installed and maintain in Hallendale Beach. At $158 per ticket, a portion of the $662,000 collected in Hallendale for red light traffic tickets goes to this out-of-state company. The fact that it is an out-of-state company processing these traffic tickets has even raised the question of the constitutionality of these traffic tickets because it violates due process.

Many local politicians argue that these red light traffic tickets save local governments money by reducing the number of cops needed to monitor intersections. One argument is that hiring fewer cops means fewer tax hikes. I pay taxes in Broward County, but I haven’t noticed a decrease in taxes or in the amount of tax increases. Proponents of these traffic light camera tickets also claim that they reduce injuries, property damage, insurance rates, and so on. Unfortunately, what these proponents often fail to acknowledge is that these traffic tickets are often inaccurate or just wrong. Additionally, there are circumstances where these traffic light cameras can actually increase accidents. One such circumstance is the unfair reduction of time of the yellow light cycle. People often don’t have the time to react at intersections as they might otherwise have if it were not for these traffic light cameras.

Fortunately, there may be a light at the end of the red traffic camera tunnel. Senator Jeff Brandes has proposed legislation to ban red light cameras entirely in the State of Florida. “They were initially sold as safety devices, but I have come to firmly believe that they are now being used as backdoor tax increases,” said Sen. Jeff Brandes. I have my fingers crossed that he will continue his opposition to these cameras. I fear that once the right lobbyist throws enough money at Mr. Brandes that he might change his tune.

Like other cities, Hallendale Beach residents have also finally had enough. After much complaining on the part of its citizens, this Broward County town has followed the lead of other towns, such as Hialeah, by recently passing a motion to do away with red light traffic cameras. Like Brandes, some politicians are beginning to realize the inherent flaws associated with the use of traffic cameras. One such issue is when a traffic light camera takes a picture of a license plate, there is no way to determine who is driving the vehicle. These traffic light tickets are issued with the presumption of guilt on the part of the vehicle owner. Additionally, the traffic light cameras rely heavily upon technology and as anyone with a computer knows, this technology can be faulty.

Getting a red light traffic ticket does not mean you are guilty of a traffic violation. If you get one of these traffic light tickets in Broward County, you CAN fight back. When you get a traffic light ticket, you may have numerous questions that a traffic ticket attorney can answer. There are also many approaches that a traffic ticket attorney can take that can get the traffic ticket dismissed. The Traffic Ticket Team has successfully fought and won dismissals of these traffic light tickets in court. We have six locations in South Florida, and our experience and knowledge can save you hundreds of dollars as well as help you avoid the other consequences associated with getting a traffic ticket. Whether it is a traffic light ticket, a speeding ticket, or any other kind of traffic citation, the Traffic Ticket Team has a high success rate of getting these citations dismissed so, give us a call or email me at


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