Apparently, there are a lot of people in South Florida who do not know what it means to Move Over.


The month of January signifies Florida’s “Move Over Awareness Month”, and for those of that have driven several miles in South Florida, countless drivers still do not practice the important concept of moving over. The whole purpose of the law was and is to protect law enforcement and first responders on the road. It is very dangerous to be standing a few feet away from cars going 50, 60 and 70+ MPH especially in the rain and at night.

According to SBWIRE the American Association of State Troopers is using January to raise awareness among Florida motorists on how essential the move over law is. It is easy to understand. This law mandates that all drivers must change lanes for any emergency vehicles, law enforcement, tow truck drivers, and utility service vehicles. Should a driver be unable to move to an adjacent lane, he or she is required to reduce their speed by twenty miles based on the posted speed limit.


Drivers that do not follow the move over law may face a ticket, fine, and up to three points on their driver’s license.

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