Handling a Traffic Ticket in Broward County, Florida If you have received a traffic ticket in Broward County, Florida, you have several options for handling the situation. The best approach depends on the specific circumstances of your case and your personal preferences. Here are some options to consider.

  1. Pay the ticket: If you decide to simply pay the ticket, you can do so either by mail, online, or in person. By paying the ticket, you are admitting guilt and the ticket will go on your driving record. You will get 3-4 points on your driving record and your insurance is sure to go up.
  2. Request a hearing: You can request a hearing to contest the ticket in front of a judge. This is a good option if you believe the ticket was issued in error or if you want to negotiate a lesser fine. But as the old saying goes, “he who represents himself has a fool for a client”.
  3. Take a defensive driving course: If this is your first ticket, you may be eligible to attend a defensive driving course. Upon completion, the ticket will be dismissed and will not appear on your driving record. But you can only do this a few times in your life and once a year. Don’t waste it now, call a ticket lawyer. And avoid the torture of sitting in driving school.
  4. Hire an attorney: If you believe the ticket was issued wrongly or if you have multiple tickets and are facing more severe consequences, hiring an attorney may be a good option. An attorney can represent you in court and negotiate on your behalf. Moreover, a good traffic ticket lawyer will make sure you get no point on your driving record and no driving school and you usually don’t even need to go to court.

Regardless of the approach you choose, it is important to take the matter seriously and to handle it promptly. Unresolved traffic tickets can result in fines, points on your license, and even license suspension. Some credit reporting companies are now considering your driving record so don’t take the points as your insurance will go up and your credit score may go down.

In conclusion, handling a traffic ticket in Broward County, Florida requires careful consideration of your specific situation and the consequences of your actions. By paying close attention to the options available to you, you can make the best decision for your circumstances and move forward with peace of mind.

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