According to the Sun Sentinel, school is back in session in Palm Beach County — for drivers, that means it’s back to slowing down.

Expect police and sheriff’s deputies to look for speeders and enforce traffic laws in school zones, crosswalks and around school buses stopped for students.

Slow down in Palm Beach County School Zones

Speed limits in Florida school zones are typically set at 15 or 20 mph. They go into effect 30 minutes before school starts and for 30 minutes after school lets out.

Not abiding by those limits will net you an expensive reminder to ease up on the accelerator.

Fines are doubled for speeding in school zones and range from $156 to $606, depending on your speed.

Some tips from law enforcement officers and the Florida Department of Transportation:

•Pay attention to signs because not all school zones have flashing warning lights.

•If a school bus is flashing its red lights and has its stop arm extended, you must stop and not move until the bus retracts the stop arm and turns off the flashing lights.

•Keep an eye out for children walking in the street, especially where there are no sidewalks, or those near bus stops who may dart into the street without looking out for traffic.

•When backing out of a driveway or leaving a garage, watch for children walking or riding a bicycle.

The first day of school in Broward is Wednesday. Students in Miami-Dade County start classes on Monday, Aug. 20.