Is my driver’s license good in every state?

Yes, you can travel the country from top to bottom and not have to deal with any legal issues concerning your state’s driver’s license. However, if you make a permanent move to any other state your license was not issued in, you have a legal responsibility to go to a DMV in your new state and get a new driver’s license. WARNING! If you are a teenager and you are crossing into state lines, beware! Not all states have the same legal age to drive. In one state the legal age may be 17 and in another it may be 18. If you are 17 traveling to another state where the legal age is 18, they may not accept your driver’s license. If you will be doing some state to state travel, contact those state’s DMV’s and ask what the legal age is to drive there and if they will honor your driver’s license if you are under their legal limit.